Legal Subcommittee

The Legal Subcommittee creates contracts to support data sharing and protect privacy.

Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, Veronica Villalobos Cruz, Managing Director (Cruz Strategies)

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Joshua Speaks, Regulatory Affairs Manager

California Community College Chancellor’s Office, Kathy Lynch, Deputy Counsel

California Department of Consumer Affairs, Freshta Rasoli, Executive Analyst

California Department of Education, Bruce Yonehiro, Deputy General Counsel

California Department of General Services, Marina Sarmiento Feehan, Attorney; Jennifer Bollinger, Chief Counsel & Deputy Director

California Department of Health Care Services, Cynthia Bosco, Senior Attorney; Margaret Porto, Senior Counsel

California Department of Social Services, Carolyn Kubish, Senior Counsel

California Department of Technology, Kary Marshall, Attorney; Jennifer Marquez, Attorney

California Government Operations Agency, Gabriel Ravel, Deputy Secretary; Kristine Beckley, Acting General Counsel

California Health and Human Services Agency, Jennifer Schwartz, Chief Counsel

California Labor & Workforce Development Agency, Jeanne Wolfe, Assistant General Counsel

California School Information Services, Rima Mendez, Requirement Management Officer

California State Board of Education, Sara Pietrowski, Policy Consultant

California State University Office of the Chancellor, Arun Casuba, Executive Director, Strategic Sourcing & Chief Procurement Officer and Ed Hudson, Chief Information Security Officer

California Student Aid Commission, Julia Blair, Chief Legal Counsel; Max Paxson, Acting General Counsel

Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, Linh Nguyen, Department of Consumer Affairs Legal Counsel

Employment Development Department, Brian Davis, Senior Attorney

University of California Office of the President, Stella Ngai, Senior Counsel, Public Accountability and Governance

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