Common Identifier Subcommittee

The Common Identifier Subcommittee designed the technical process that will be used to link student records across partner entities.

The Common Identifier Subcommittee concluded its meetings in September 2020. The information on this page is for reference only.

Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, Jonathon Chillas, Chief Data Officer and Vice President, National University

Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, Scott Valverde, Chief, Student Assistance & Relief

California College Guidance Initiative, Ben Baird, Director of Data Infrastructure

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Michele Perrault, Director, Administrative Services Division

California Community College Chancellor’s Office, Todd Hoig, Director, Management Information Systems (Data Management)

California Department of Education, Jerry Winkler, Division Director, Educational Data Management Division and Channa Hewawickrama, Education Research and Evaluation Consultant, Early Learning and Care Division

California Department of Social Services, Jayson Hunt, Research Data Specialist

California Department of Technology, Janet Buehler, Enterprise Architect

California Health and Human Services Agency, Jennifer Schwartz, Chief Counsel and Chris Krawczyk, Chief Analytics Officer

California Labor & Workforce Development Agency and Employment Development Department, Amy Faulkner, Division Chief, Labor Market Information Division

California School Information Services, Greg Scull, Information Systems Officer

California State University Office of the Chancellor, Jeff Whitney, Director, Implementation Services

California State Board of Education, Sara Pietrowski, Policy Consultant

Cal Poly Pomona, Joseph Hackbarth, Director, Enrollment Management Data & Operations Analysis

California Student Aid Commission, Patrick Perry, Division Chief, Policy, Research, and Data

Educational Results Partnership, Dan Lamoree, Principal Data Architect

University of California, Davis, Paco Martorell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Education

University of California Office of the President, Eric Goodman, Data Architect, Identity Access Management Lead

University of Southern California, John Prindle, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor

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