General Resources

Cradle-to-Career Data System Act Trailer Bill (AB 132, Statues of 2021, Chapter 144, Section 8)
Cradle-to-Career Data System Act (SB 75, Statues of 2019, Chapter 51, Section 4)
Overview Powerpoint
Fact Sheet
Value of the Cradle-to-Career Data System (newly added July 2021)
General Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Frequently Asked Questions
Prior Efforts to Build a California Longitudinal Data System
Acronym Glossary Instructions

Planning Process Background Papers

Cradle-to-Career Workgroup

Refining Specifications for California Data System Tools
Scope and Decision-Making Frameworks for the Cradle-to-Career Data System
Staffing, Technical, and Legal Governance for The Cradle-to-Career Data System

Policy & Analytics Advisory Group

Prioritizing Policy and Analytics Functions for Phase 1 of the California Data System: Policy & Analytics Advisory Group Brief

Practice & Operations Advisory Group

Prioritizing Practice and Operations Functions for Phase 1 of the California Data System: Practice & Operations Advisory Group Brief

Common Identifier Subcommittee

Common Identifier Background Paper: Frameworks for Creating a Common Identifier for a Statewide Data System

Definitions Subcommittee

Developing Consistent Definitions and Defining Race, Sex, and Sexual Orientation

Legal Subcommittee

Legal Subcommittee Background Paper: Frameworks for Data Sharing Agreements in a Statewide Data System

Research Agenda Subcommittee

Developing a Research Agenda for the California Data System and Evaluating Transfer Outcomes: Research Agenda Subcommittee Brief
Evaluating High School Students’ Preparation for College Success
College Access, Completion, and the Long-Term Effects of Access to State Financial Aid
Workforce Effects of Graduating from High School and Postsecondary Education
The Role of Human Subjects Review in External Data Requests 

Technology & Security Subcommittee

Technology & Security Subcommittee Background Paper: Frameworks for Structuring Data in a Statewide Data System
Understanding Data Transfer Processes

Use Cases

Data Request Use Case
Student Records and Planning Use Case
P20W Data Set Use Case

National Resources

Data Quality Campaign

• Why Education Data?

Education Commission of the States

50-State Comparison: Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems

Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics

Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Grant Program
Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Survey Analysis

Other States' Longitudinal Data Systems


Recent Press

Selected Reports from California

Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities/The California Education Round Table Intersegmental Coordinating Committee                

California Competes

Out of the Dark: Bringing California’s Education Data Into the 21st Century

Campaign for College Opportunity

Building a Student-Centered Data System in California

Education Insights Center

California Education Policy, Student Data, and the Quest to Improve Student Progress

Policy Analysis for California Education

Making California Data More Useful for Educational Improvement

Public Policy Institute of California

Increasing the Usefulness of California’s Education Data and Modernizing the State’s Education Data System
Integrating California’s Education Data

Senate Select Committee

Longitudinal Data Systems

The Education Trust-West

Data for the People Campaign

Selected 2020 Publications

Children Now

California’s Cradle-to-Career Data System

Data Quality Campaign

California is Following Best Practices to Make Its Statewide Data System a Reality


Use Drives Quality: Considering Data Quality Issues in California’s Pursuit of a Cradle-to-Career Data System
Governance Decisions are Critical to the Success of California’s Cradle-to-Career Data System
Setting Priorities for California's Cradle-to-Career Data System

The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS)

What’s Aid Got to Do with It? The Importance of Incorporating Financial Aid Data in California’s Cradle-to-Career Data System

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