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General Information

California’s current data systems are not connected, making it difficult to answer important questions about how well our state’s education system is serving its students. This leaves counselors, teachers, families, and learners struggling to find the information they need to help students reach their education and career goals.

California’s Cradle-to-Career Data System is a new, innovative statewide initiative that will make education, training, and employment information more accessible for all. The proposed data system will connect education, social services, and workforce data and will include easy-to use visuals, sophisticated search tools, electronic transcripts, and planning resources for students and educators. The connected data, focused on addressing equitable outcomes, can help drive actionable research that will help Californians answer important questions and inform policy decisions that better support all California students.

By securely connecting data that schools, colleges, social service agencies, financial aid providers, and employers already collect, it will be easier to:

  • Identify the types of supports that help more students learn, stay in school, prepare for college, graduate, and secure a job;
  • Provide information that teachers, advisors, parents, and students can use to identify college and career opportunities;
  • Help agencies plan for and improve educational, workforce, and health and human services programs; and
  • Support research on improving policies that support individuals from birth to career

A report will be submitted to the legislature in December 2020 with recommendations for what should be included in the first phase of the data system. Before finalizing this report, we want to hear from you, the people that the system is intended to serve. What aspects of the data system do you think you would use? What questions or concerns do you have? What else would you like to see the data system include in future phases?