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Please submit your message for public comment by entering your comment in the form below or by e-mailing written comments at least 24 hours in advance to the meeting to Mansi Master, The letter or e-mail must clearly identify the agenda item being addressed. Each communication should include a subject line identifying the specific agenda item being addressed; failure to do so could prevent delivery of your comments. Such materials will be distributed to members of the group, prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Individuals who wish to address the group may either 1) Call Mansi Master at WestEd at 510.861.0204 by 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to the meeting and provide the subject they wish to address; 2) E-mail Mansi Master at with the agenda item identified in the subject line; or 3) Sign up on the speakers sign-in list at the meeting.

If you would like to view previous public comments, please feel click here.